What To Wear On A Hot Day?

When deciding on what to wear on a hot day, be sure to consider coolness, comfort, how active you will be and especially style.

Whether you choose to wear brands such as Champion, Gildan, Jordan or Slinky, sleeveless shirts can be the very best choice to wear on a hot, summer day. Cut off shirts and dri fit shirts are wonderful because they’re appropriate for the season and will give you long hours of wearing enjoyment when the sun’s glaring down.

Coolness and Comfort

For men, these types of shirts are the perfect selection to spend long hours in the sun in. These tops can also be worn at the beach if you’re not able to withstand the hot sun for long periods of time. Your chest and back will be fully covered, with only your shoulders and arms exposed. Suntan lotion will greatly help you in this area, but the main point of focus is that whatever fashion taste you choose, it’s essential that you remain as cool and as comfortable as possible. You want shirts that are lightweight and that breathe and wick away sweat all the time. Cotton and polyester blends will do this well.

Style On A Hot Day

Men enjoy a great sense of style as much as women, and these shirts should reflect that. There are so many different styles, textures, and color patterns out there to choose from. Some of these shorts have low cut necks, others have more tight fighting curves in the shoulder and waist areas, while still other types have a ribbed or mesh look. Style all depends on your own personal idiosyncrasies when it comes to men’s summer fashion. But it’s reassuring to know that you’re really only limited by your imagination and the price points you can afford.

Hot Day Accessories

Along with your shirts, you should accessorize wisely. These accessories can include a beautiful wristwatch, a neck chain, wrist bracelets, a visually appealing ring, a colorful headband, sporty designer sunglasses, and even a set of small headphones to listen to your favorite music as you stroll across a boardwalk or down a busy street.

It’s important not to wear too many accessories though, as that can detract from the appeal of the shirt itself. But if you’re selective, you can find yourself turning heads of both men and women, while keeping your attractive top as the center point of attention. There are great shirts for hot days but always try to fully coordinate your shorts, belt, socks and shoes with your shirts for maximum appeal and fashion sense.