Various Styles of Dress Polo Shirts

The dress polo shirt represents the shirt for the wealthy and affluent. It signifies status and fashion at it’s simplistic and most comfortable.

There are plenty of brands and styles to choose from, when deciding a type of dress polo shirt to purchase. Dress polo shirts are incredibly popular and signify affluence, style, and wealth. The history behind these shirts also lends understanding to why high-end designers choose to create dress polo shirts to this day.

Dress Polo Shirts History

During the 1800s, tennis players typically wore long-sleeved button up shirts when competing, in addition to nice ties and flannel pants. The attire soon proved to be cumbersome and restricted the movement of tennis athletes. One professional tennis player, Rene Lacoste, decided to take a stand against the uncomfortable attire and created his own line of tennis clothing.

In 1926, Rene Lacoste wore his own self-created style of dress polo shirts to the U.S. Open championship. In 1927, Lacoste placed a small alligator on the left breast of his shirts. From then on, the Lacoste brand shirts has become a leading brand in the dress polo shirt market. Traditionally, tennis has been a sport for the wealthy and affluent. Because of this, Lacoste polo shirts have gained popularity beyond the sport of tennis. Today, Lacoste continues to be one of the leading styles of dress polo shirts.

In 1972, Ralph Lauren created his own style of the dress polo shirt. He included his concept of the polo shirt in his original fashion line, which was well received by the public. He titled his creation of the tennis shirt as “Polo.” While Lauren did not create his version of dress tennis shirts for polo players, his fashion line became the standard for professional polo players.

In addition to Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, there are also other popular designers that have created successful versions of the tennis and polo shirt. These designers are Brooks Brothers, Van Heusen and J. Press. Dress polo shirts have even become popular in the realm of haute couture. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci have put their own unique twist on the idea of the dress polo shirt.

Thanks to Rene Lacoste, the polo shirt has become the shirt of choice for the wealthy and affluent. It is a fashion staple that is loved around the world for its simplicity and comfort.