Top Polo Brands

Get some of the top polo brands such as Ralph Lauren and the Gap, that are affordable, great material quality and with current fashion styles.

If you are a young professional, or you are just looking for some sophisticated clothing, there are a few top polo brands for you to choose from. Polo’s are great to wear to work, church, or for everyday activities. They go great with khakis, jeans, slacks, and also shorts. Which top brand of polo you choose to wear is up to you, just find the one that is going to best suit your style. The determining factors you need to consider are price, material, and style, when choosing the shirts that will work best for you.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirts

Ralph Lauren Polo’s are a very popular choice. They are one of the top polo brands available for many different reasons. These shirts are form fitting, and most come in mesh cotton, which is breathable and light weight. There are 100’s of different colors and patterns available to choose from. Also, these shirts are machine washable. These polo’s are a little pricey, costing around $75.00 a polo, but the longevity and style is well worth the price. You can pick these up at a local department store, or shop directly through them online.

Gap Polo Shirts

If you are looking for polo’s that cost less money, a great store that carry’s polo’s is the GAP. The GAP also has a wide selection of styles and these are only around $20.00 to $30.00 a shirt. Sometimes even less if they are on sale, or if you have coupons. Some of these polo’s are cotton, others are a cotton and polyester blend. These common brand polo’s are a great buy for a stylish look.

Other top polo brands to try are Lacoste, and American Eagle. Both offer a wide variety and good quality polo shirts. To find the best polo for you, try them on and test them out. Buy one and wear it for a day, if you like it then go back and get more. Top brand polo’s are easy to find, and are a practical buy.