Is $20 Too Much Money for a T-Shirt?

Pay attention to quality, fabric, sentimental value and fashion when it comes to deciding if a shirt is worth your money.

Although it sounds like a cliche, the answer to this question really does depend on the overall quality of the T-shirt. A plain cotton or polyester T-shirt purchased at Wal-Mart is really not worth much more than $8. Also, most printed T-shirts that department stores supply are not worth much more: anyone who has ever owned one knows that the design begins fading or peeling off far too soon. In general, the printed designs on more expensive T-shirts last a bit longer.

Tee Shirts That Are Worth Your Money

There are tee shirts that are considered to be worth $20, if not more. Any designer T-shirt, whether printed or not, is obviously going to be worth a little more money. These T-shirts cost more but are not necessarily worth more even when made by an important brand such as Ralph Lauren or Liz Claiborne. Pay attention to quality of fabric and stitching.

Any souvenir T-shirt is definitely worth at least $20; particularly if it is bought as a memory of a fantastic vacation or of a “once in a lifetime” event such as a concert or convention.

However, the T-shirts that are worth the most money are those that are official merchandise of a certain organization. This is particularly true of shirts from sports organizations such as the National Football League or the National Basketball Association. Another similar example is college T-shirts. The value of sports tee shirts come from the attachment to the sports team. This is like your donation to your favorite team. If that is valuable enough to you, then it is worth the costs.

Some T-shirts, particularly most souvenir sports T-shirts, have embroidered designs which make them last much, much longer and, therefore, raise their monetary value. Also, 100% cotton T-shirts are usually worth a bit more: most cheap department store T-shirts are made up of a mixture of cotton and polyester. Pique polo shirts made from a superior cotton with simple colors and no logo is worth the money too.

Another element that raises the value of T-shirts is current fashions. If cheap, puce colored T-shirts are in style, there will be a greater demand for them and, obviously, prices will go up. In this case, most people will not consider $20 too much for a T-shirt even if it is cheaply made.

Stick with quality fabrics and a tee shirt can be a classy gift idea for any guy. These quality clothing tips also apply for mens polo shirts and designer shirts.