Summer Clothes – Trends for Mens Polo Shirts

Summer is the time to get loose and enjoy the sun. Your clothes should be the same. Short sleeved polo shirts with pastel colors are really popular for summer.

When looking for that perfect summer style, nothing fits the bill quite like a man’s polo shirt. These trendy shirts have been around for decades and are worn for casual wear, dress wear and even athletics. Polo shirts are great for the hot summer months, since they are made from breathable materials that keep a man cool and comfortable. Most styles are made from cotton or knitted materials, which come in an endless array of colors and striped polo patterns. Whether you are in your 20s, 40s or 60s, polo tees are the way to look fashionable and in good taste no matter what the occasion.

With summer here, you may be wondering what the summer trends for men’s polo shirts will be. There are some summer clothes color schemes that one must pay attention to. After all, these styles vary across location and climate so you want to be sure the shirts you love will represent the current fashion crazes.

Polo Shirt Fashion Trends for the Summer

Indeed, the polo shirts for summer are short sleeved and lightweight, with the ability to layer the shirt if needed. When layering, it is always best to choose a solid colored shirt that complements the colors in the polo tee. Most commonly, guys wear white tee shirts underneath polo shirts, but you can also choose a different solid color, such as blue or yellow. When layering, you also have the option to unbutton the first few buttons of the polo for a clean and professional look. Not only is it acceptable but it provides breathability for your neck.

Since men’s polo shirts are versatile and can be worn for a number of occasions, you will also want to stick with the casual and dressy trends. Casual polo shirts tend to feature thick stripes and no pocket over the breast. These casual shirts also play around with unique color combinations, although pastel colors are most popular for the summer months.

In addition to color schemes, there is another unique summer trend that comes included with polo shirts: collars. It’s fun to toy around with the collars, turning them up or down. In the summer months however, athletes especially turn the collars up to protect their necks from being sun burnt. Not only is this a practical use, but also a sophisticated edge that adds a new appeal to an original polo shirt.