Striped Polo Shirts For Men

Striped men’s polo shirts are suitable for numerous occasions and events. In addition to casual wear, this type of polo shirt can be worn with several other pieces that may already be in the closet. From jeans to khakis, the striped polo shirt is perfectly acceptable. One quite popular look is to pair the striped polo with a blazer and/or other accessories. This adds a formal yet laid back look that can be good for clubs or a night with the boys. A nice black or brown blazer with a vertically or horizontally striped polo shirt can be a fashion do. Many men may utilize this type of shirt for the office, casual dates, and for after hours looks.

Contrary to popular beliefs, horizontal stripes on a mens polo shirt do not automatically make you look fatter. There are many factors to consider such as the contrast and the length of the individual stripes that play a part. There is a study that has shown horizontal stripes can make you thinner by 6% based on experiments. This was done in relation to optical illusion studies and the effects of horizontal and vertical lines.

Rugby Polo Shirts For Men

Rugby polo shirts have the similar design to striped men’s polo shirts except they are long sleeved and more durable than the standard men’s polo. The widths on the vertical stripes are the main focal point of the shirt. There are thin stripes and thick stripes on the rugby polo shirts with alternating colors. The most striped men’s polo shirt colors one should have on a polo shirt are three colors. The risk takers might be able to handle more colors but it could be a huge fashion faux pas.

Striped Polo Shirts

The striped polo shirt typically costs no more than traditional style polo shirts and can enhance the wardrobe significantly. Various brands and styles are available, making it simple to find a striped polo created by a favorite designer.