Solid Colored Polo Shirts

Mens polo shirts cannot be complete without a solid polo shirt. These are the staple of the polo shirts. One can have a different color for each day of the week for two weeks and more.

Solid colored men’s polo shirts are making a comeback. Although stripes and other designs of the polo are available, the classic look of the solid tends to be the most popular for a variety of reasons. These solid shirts ultimately blend better with more garments and have more possibilities. In addition to this, there is often a larger selection of solid color men’s polo shirts to choose from, as they can be purchased just about anywhere. As with other types of mens polo shirts, there are various brands and designers to choose from. Many of these shirts can be purchased inexpensively, while name brands can go for much more. Costs of the solid men’s polo shirts will vary accordingly but because of the simplicity, these colored polo shirts will cost much less.

Solid Polo Shirts

Solid polo shirts are simple clothes that you can put on for any occasion. Shaped like the letter T, this all purpose shirt can save any indecisive wardrobe moment. Two and three button polo shirts are what you would find on the normal solid polos. If you still cannot decide on what to wear, go with solid neutral colors such as gray, beige or ivory. For a bit more variation, wear a striped polo shirt and that can add two or three more colors in your outfit.

If you are planning a vacation, golf trip or some other travel trip, solid color polos can make you feel comfortable and provide breathability. Two and three button polo shirts are what you would find on the normal solid polos. Solid men’s polos are typically made with a fabric combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The polyester gives the shirt a bit of a stretch and the light cotton allows for coolness. They can also be made out of merino wool or silk.