Simple Date Shirts for Men

During a simple date, informal shirts like polo shirts are the best. They are casual enough without being messy.

Women are not the only ones excited about their dates, men can get excited too. Men also experience butterflies in their stomachs and uneasiness most especially if it is a first date. Men would make sure that they have everything prepared, the place to meet or the pick-up time and more importantly the things that they would go to and do during the date.

Men would also think of interesting topics to make sure that women would enjoy the time spent with them and sometimes they would practice witty remarks to impress their dates. When all of these things are set, the next thing to be concerned about is the outfit to wear during the date.

Best Informal Date Shirts

Normally, if it is an informal type of date, simple date shirts for men would consist of polo shirts and jeans or khaki pants. Choosing the best shirt can be quite a challenge; would these men opt to wear solid color polo shirts? If so, what polo shirt colors are acceptable or not; before deciding what to kind of polo shirts to wear consider some of these clothing tips for men:

It is important to know the body type in order to choose the right kind of shirts to wear. If the body type is big and bulky, it is not advisable to wear body-fitted shirts. It would definitely not look good and would somehow restrict the movement.

Choose the right color, yes, real men can wear pink but it is always safe to stick with the neutral colors such beige, black, white or gray. Solid color shirts are the safest thing to wear; stripped shirts may not look good on men who are on the plus size because it would create an illusion that they would look wider.

Consider the fabric of the shirts, if your date will be mostly outdoors find shirts with cool fabric materials. It would not look good if you are perspiring a lot during the date.

Men should also keep themselves updated with fashion in order to dress up properly during simple dates. Clothing tips are important in order not to go overdressed or under-dressed for the occasion and the venue.