Shirts That Stand Out

A good polo shirt can help you stand out from the crowd. There is no need to be overly complicated with these shirts.

One of the shirts that stand out on a man is polo shirts. He can wear these shirts just about anywhere. They stand out because men hardly wear these shirts. They often think that they are too preppy to wear, when it is just the opposite. These types of shirts can make any man stand out in a good way. In addition, they can pair these shirts with anything in their closet.

Best Brands That Stand Out

Men should look for the best brands. Some include Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Le Tigre. These types of short sleeve shirts start at $40 and more. You should shop around for these shirts at the mall. The mall is the great place to find shirts that stand out. You will see that these brands mostly come in cotton. The type of cotton will vary though. For example, organic cotton has been a popular choice for the past few years. Pima cotton is another popular fabric. It is heavier, thicker, and lasts longer than other shirts on the market.

Stand Out Colors

Once you find these shirts, you have to decide which colors look best on you. The best polo shirt colors include light blue, light purple, light green and light yellow. Most pastel colors are the best choices for any man, no matter what skin color they have. Of course, men have their classic black, white, and navy blue shirts. These basic colors are what every man should have in their closet. Pink polos have also been a popular choice for some time. Men typically look good with a pink polo. Do not be afraid to try one on. Opt for a light pink polo instead of a bright one.

Now, it is important for you to know how to wear a polo shirt. You can dress it up with khakis or trousers, or you can dress it down with a pair of jeans. Polo style shirts pair perfectly with blazers, v-neck sweaters, or button down shirts. Some men even wear polo shirts with hooded zip down sweatshirts.