Popular Outfits to Suit Casual Occasions

A casual occasion is a great opportunity for a man to show off his fashion sense. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean you have to be.

Thinking of popular outfits to wear for casual occasions might seem complicated and time consuming. In reality, it takes very little time to put together a stylish ensemble for an informal occasion. Here are some fashionable outfits for three casual situations.

Popular Outfits for BBQ

A backyard barbecue with friends presents a man with a few wardrobe options. A casual outfit for barbecues is jeans paired with a polo shirt as one of the popular choices. This ensemble allows a man to enjoy the celebrations while maintaining a neat appearance. Dark wash cotton jeans are a stylish choice. A light polo shirt with an argyle design is likely to draw the guests’ attention. Alternatively, a polo in brilliant red always seems to make an impression. Depending on its brand, a men’s polo shirt usually costs between $30.00 to $40.00. A man may find a well-made pair of jeans for around $50.00. Clean tennis shoes can serve as footwear.

Popular Outfits for the Park

A man who receives an invitation to an outdoor guitar recital in the park may want to purchase a pair of khaki pants. The cotton material is a cool option especially for a summertime event. An ironed, button down shirt is a popular pairing with the pants. A single pocket shirt with rolled sleeves looks appealing in a variety of colors including pale yellow or light blue. Furthermore, vertical stripes add an extra touch of interest to a shirt. A durable pair of khaki pants costs approximately $40.00, depending upon the brand. A button down shirt can sell for $20.00 or more. A shirt that fits well in the shoulders is an ideal choice. A pair of loafers as footwear is fine.

Popular Outfits for Office Picnics

An office picnic merits a popular, attractive outfit. Once again, khaki pants are a stylish selection. Pants in a lighter shade of color would also work. A polo shirt would pair well with the pants. If a man wanted to maintain an additional degree of professionalism, a light-colored, cotton twill blazer would serve the purpose. Casual blazers cost an average of $150.00. Traditional brown loafers would serve well as footwear for this occasion.

Add some shirt accessories to these popular outfits for a complete look. Sunglasses, a watch, or a leather belt would embellish the style of any of these popular outfits.