Polo Shirts In Every Man’s Closet

Every man’s closet should have at least one polo shirt. Not only do they cost less than brand name dress shirts but polo shirts can be worn in a business casual environment.

Polo Shirts Are a Staple

There are many occasions where wearing a polo shirt is considered proper attire. Polos have always been ideal for leisure and play, but in recent times their popularity and prevalence has skyrocketed. Many men are finding that casual Fridays are slowly, but surely, extending to the rest of the week, as more business casual work environments are becoming common.

Affordable Polo Shirt Brands

Those comfortable, stylish, and generally cost effective (most are priced under $100) polo shirt brands, once saved for weekends only, are making their way to the office as well. Open any man’s closet and you will surely find an assortment of polos that range from more rigid and classic styles for company dealings, to loud colors and patterns for letting loose. Solid colored polo shirts from brands like Izod, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Gildan and Nike are just a few of the producers of polo shirts.

Polo shirts are a staple to any man’s wardrobe. For men, Polos are the new black. You can wear a polo by itself but by adding a few accessories you can really stand out in a crowd. Throw on a blazer with your shirt tucked in for a night on the town. Make sure the polos are fitted to your body type because extra fabric on a shirt will only make you look fatter and appear more like a loose T-shirt than a stylish polo. Add in a pair of khakis or some jeans and you are ready for anything. For your color choice, black and dark navy solid colors will go well together. And never ever pop your collar up. Unless there is a strong cold breeze and it is imperative that you cover up your neck, do not even attempt to pull this off.