Polo Shirts and Pants

Combining the polo shirt with a pair of pants is a classic style that works for just about any occasion.

Polo shirts and pants are worn by those who have a very refined taste in clothing. The man who wears polo shirts and pants are the ones who love classically styled clothing. In fact, polo shirts and pants are quite popular and they never seem to go out of style. Polo shirts and pants have a very interesting and fascinating origin. The first polo shirts were worn by polo players in the 1800s. Tennis player Renee Lacoste was the one who fashioned a short sleeve version of the polo shirt. He wore this new designed polo shirt while playing tennis. This caught the public eye. Soon the polo shirt attire was all the rage.

The average polo shirt is very unique and hard not to recognize. The knit cotton pique fabric shirt is a pullover design. Usually has a ribbed collar, long shirt tail, and a short button placket on the collar. And there are many name brand designer shirts in the market. They each have their own unique brand of polo clothing to wear and enjoy.

Most people who have a like for polo clothing are often seen by others as a bit preppie. This is not necessarily true. It all depends on the accessories worn with the polo clothing. The polo shirt and pants should be a part of every fashionable man’s wardrobe. And it is important to remember that the polo is a classic. Add a blazer to a fitted polo shirt and pants for a pure professional yet casual look. Wear a polo shirt with jeans for a casual weekend look. Wear a polo shirt with casual polo pants and a v-neck pullover sweater for a put together casual look.

In order to look fashionable in polo clothing follow a few simple rules. For example, never pop your polo collar, always wear fitted clothing, avoid loud prints, avoid loud colors.