Most Common Polo Shirt Colors for Men

Pink polo shirts is a common color that men wear to make a bold statement about their style. Other solid common colors include black, navy blue and white.

Men’s polo shirts come in nearly every color. The color that tops the list is surprisingly, pink, or salmon. Pink polo shirts for men make a bold statement. This color is followed by the ever popular black and then navy and finally white. Other popular choices for men include french blue, red and beige.

Common Polo Shirt Designs

Polo shirts also come in a wide range of color combinations that can be dark or exceedingly bright for the human eye. Designs on a polo shirt are best left simple with a concentration on the colors. If you look at the fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, their bestselling polo shirts are those with a small logo design of a simple man playing polo on a horse or an alligator.

For a less business casual look, striped polos, patterned and monogrammed polo shirts are a classic choice for men who frequent country clubs to men living in the inner city neighborhoods.

Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers offer a lot of choices in men’s polo shirts. These companies believe in men wearing color as shown by their collections of classic clothing in bright colors.