Men’s Polo Shirt Patterns

Patterns on men’s polo shirt patterns makes them stand out from other types of clothing.

Considering that the style of polo shirts is so versatile that the one who wears it can do so with semi-casual attire or semi-formal attire, it is usually the men’s polo shirt patterns on the shirts that makes them stand out from other types of clothing. For the most part, it is rare that a pattern is actually printed or silk-screened onto a polo shirt. It is usually woven into the shirt, which makes the pattern much more distinct and pronounced.

This being the case, the reason that men’s polo shirt patterns garner more attention than other clothing is quite simply because it is resilient. The fact that a pattern is actually woven into the clothing instead of printed on it means that it will last the test of time. Printed fabrics will fade quite quickly after a few washes, but a polo shirt with embroidery stitching will not fade as quickly at all and will actually have a pattern that will appear distinctive for awhile.

Men’s polo shirt patterns can go well with a variety of different clothes and polo shirt accessories.

  • The most obvious choice is a pair of khaki short or pants as any polo shirt of any color and pattern will go with that particular piece of clothing.
  • A pair of sandals or even a nice pair of loafers also can go with that combination as men’s polo shirts can switch from casual to formal without a second glance.
  • Even some types of casual shoes can go with a khaki short and polo shirt combination.
  • Black slacks can also go with most polo shirt patterns, but slacks of other colors should be selective when deciding on a particular shirt pattern.
  • While a nice watch looks great with men’s polo shirt patterns, digital watches are commonly frowned upon.
  • Clothing that is overly casual, such as sweat pants or athletic shorts, is definitely not a good idea when pairing clothing with polo shirt patterns.