Men’s Polo Shirt Accessories

Although a polo shirt can stand alone, adding men’s polo shirt accessories like a watch or a necklace can add more attention to your whole outfit.

When dressing up in a polo shirt there is several accessories that can complement the look. A watch by Guess, Seiko or Fossil would match nicely with a polo shirt paired with jeans. A polo shirt with khaki’s would look nice with a watch by Diesel or Tag Heuer. Depending on the color of the shirt and pants, a matching belt will add symmetry to the outfit.

Accessories For Your Polo Shirts

If a casual look is desired, a handmade hemp necklace may be worn. Whether it is summer or winter, there is no shortage of ways to accessorize an outfit centered around polo shirts. Macy’s is a good place to look for accessories and Guess also has several items available that can help accessorize.