Mens Clothes For The Office

Dress to impress and learn how men can look their best at the office with these clothes for the office.

Men, wake up. You can not let women carry all the responsibility for looking good in an office setting. It is time for you to step it up and pay attention to what you wear to work. You have all heard that old saying: “dress to impress.” Now is the time to follow that age-old advice and get yourself some professional attire. With these simple clothing advice, you will not look like the office clown who does not care what they wear. It is about time you showed up to work environment and looked impressive.

Business Casual Setting

If you work in a business casual setting, polo shirts are fine, but NEVER pop the collar. That is not professional and it is definitely not fashion-forward. If you are looking for high-quality work polo shirts, check out Ralph Lauren Polo. They are not outrageously priced, but do not expect them to be insanely cheap, either. They will last a long time, however, so they will be a good investment for your professional wardrobe. Polo shirts are also great for casual work functions. They make you look professional and well-dressed without looking as stuffy as you would in a dress shirt with a tie.

You also will need to invest in some quality dress pants. Khakis are a great investment. You can just as easily wear them to a date as you can to work. The Dockers Premium line of pants is a great option for functional work pants. You will get a high-quality material that is deceptively comfortable. Be forewarned: if you see a label of dress pants that says “Iron Free” or “No Iron,” chances are you will still have to iron, though perhaps not as much as you would a standard pair of pants. Sorry, guys: ironing is just a fact of life if you really want to be professional. Just be glad you do not have to deal with makeup or heels.

If you are just starting out in the professional world, you need a suit. A good suit. The amazing thing about a well-made, well-tailored suit is that it is a long-term investment. Choose wisely and select a style that is timeless.