Men Shirts for Hot Days

When the sun is out and there is a nice breeze going, you need to get some men shirts for hot days to enjoy the weather.

Spring and summer are times when you want to experience the sun and the windy breeze. Like many guys, We plan on spending as much time outside as possible. This means we have to start thinking about sleeveless shirts, cut off shirts, and dri fit shirts. Most importantly though is to make sure you get the right material for your shirts.

Helix Brand Shirts

Helix is my preferred brand for shirts. These shirts are a cotton polyfiber blend so they are exceptionally breezy when wore allowing for you to move seamlessly as well. These shirts range from ten to thirty dollars at Kohl’s and are some of the best for the price.

There are clothing solutions for those hot and muggy days when you have to be in the office. Many offices are cutting back on air conditioning in order to save money. This means that on an extremely hot day you might find yourself smothered by your shirt.

Office Shirts For Hot Days

While it is an off the rack brand, Stafford, allows you to have a professional appearance without being uncomfortable when it is hot outside. These shirts are mostly cotton but some contain polyfibers. These shirts are made with a thinner cut of material allowing them to breathe but at the same time be professional. These shirts run between fifteen and fifty dollars depending on if there is a sale going on.

When buying shirts for hot weather, the man should remember to get light reflective colors like white. I understand black is chic but this will make you uncomfortable during the spring and summer months. What you should be looking for are whites and to a certain extent pastels. This simple tip can save you a lot of discomfort in the long run.

I hope this simple guide shows you that buying shirts for hot weather is not as hard or as tacky as it could be. This can provide you a stylish way to beat the heat.