Men’s Clothing for Sporting Events

For sporting events, the clothes can be loose enough for active cheering and comfort but they must always be clean.

If a man is headed to a sporting event it is usually a fairly casual event. Clothing tips can be tailored to what event is being attended or even wear the seating is. The more you pay for the ticket such as a professional event, usually requires a bit more attention to clothing. Sitting in a suite or club house seating is definitely more cause to dress up a little.

Dressing For Casual Sporting Events

If the event is very casual such as a high school or college sports event than jeans and a t-shirt are probably appropriate. Athletic pants and tennis shoes are often popular choices for events such as these. If the event is an important event such as homecoming, then something a bit more dresser is a better choice, such as striped polo shirts. Men’s polo shirts come in many colors and styles so there are plenty of choices available.

Clothes For Professional Sporting Events

A professional sporting event is a bit dressier. Of course there are men who want to wear their team’s jersey or shirts to support their team and show their loyalty which is fine. But they should be paired with a nice pair of jeans. If the game is being watched in a club house or suite atmosphere usually a dress shirt with nice jeans or nice pants is appropriate. If the suite or club house is an employer provided suite then it is protocol to wear a suit coat and pants. The employee is enjoying the sporting event but also doing important networking.

No matter what choice is made to wear to a sporting event, the clothing should be free of stains or holes. Favorite team jerseys should still be in good repair. If polo shirts or dress shorts are the choice, they need to be wrinkle free. Suit jackets should be well pressed as well.