How to Wash Pique Polo Shirts

Learn how to wash your pique polo shirts with care and you can keep them wearable for years.

Pique polo shirts are made out of cotton but they are not as durable as your average cotton tshirt. Washing t-shirts is not the same as washing a polo shirt. Pique polo shirts are made with a weave that should be treated with a delicate touch. Though the care label on a pique polo shirt may say that it can be washed on a regular warm or cold cycle with like colors this is not exactly the best way to care for a pique polo shirt.

Handwashing Pique Polo Shirts

The regular wash cycle or colors wash cycle may be too harsh for a pique polo. The cotton of a pique polo shirt feels great on the skin but is usually ruined if improperly washed. It will extend the life of your polo shirt to wash it on a hand wash or delicate cycle and to use a gentle detergent like Woolite instead of a harsher more potent detergent like Tide. The pique polo shirts should always be washed with like colors and only with shirts or garments that are softer and more delicate than the shirt or else the shirt will get roughed up in the wash cycle. Wash your polo shirts this way or you might end up with shrunken polo shirts or stretched out polo shirts that will be forever ruined.

Drying Polo Shirts

After the wash cycle it is usually okay to put the pique polo shirt in the dryer for just a couple of minutes on a low heat cycle to get some of the dampness out of the shirt. Do not hang dry the polo shirts or this will cause stretching. You will end up with ears on the shoulders of the polo shirts because the weight of the water will stretch that area out. To keep the shirt from shrinking or damaging the weave it is best to then lay the shirt on a flat surface and let it dry that way rather than keeping it in the dryer where it can shrink and loose form or hanging it up to dry.

I usually lay the polo shirts flat for 2-3 hours in a room that has moving air. This dries the shirts faster and does not build up a musty smell or humidity in the room. After that, I place the polo shirts in the dryer in the low heat cycle to give freshness and warmth back to the shirts.