How to Wash Mens T-Shirts Properly

In order to wash men’s t-shirts properly, you must read the clothing tag instructions carefully and use the proper detergents and cleaning material.

Most plain cotton or polyester T-shirts can be washed on either a warm or cold cycle and with nearly any type of laundry detergent. Thankfully, most cotton T-shirts are made from preshrunk cotton and, therefore, should not shrink. So whether you are washing a tee shirt or a colored polo shirt, the following methods and tips will apply.

Washing T-shirts With Designs

T-shirts with designs are a bit trickier to wash. It is advisable to turn all printed T-shirts inside out before washing. The same advice applies to shirts with embroidered designs. This will help keep the designs from fading or, as often happens with printed shirts, from peeling off. Also, unless the sewn in care instructions direct otherwise, it is advisable to rarely wash printed T-shirts with bleach. Bleach may wash out designs. Particularly avoid any Clorox products.

Washing with Bleach

Clorox products are perfectly safe for plain and/or colored T-shirts. However, it is never a good idea to constantly wash T-shirts with bleach. Use bleach only once every two weeks; maybe more often, but only if absolutely necessary. Also, avoid overusing laundry detergents that include fabric softeners such as Cuddle. Although fabric softeners are wonderful for the senses, they are still chemicals and may damage fabrics.

However, these products are not, by any means, forbidden. They just should be used in moderation. In general, it is best to wash T-shirts with plain laundry detergent such as most Tide products. Or, better yet, try generic laundry detergents. Generic detergents usually do not have additives that may harm fabrics; also, generics have the added bonus of costing less than Tide or Cuddle.

Washing Tie Dye Shirts

Tie dye T-shirts can be an absolute nightmare to wash. Most homemade ones can be washed like any other shirts. However, be sure to carefully read the information about the dye that was used. In general, tie dye colors should not run if the article of clothing is washed in cold water. However, depending on the type of dye that was used, the clothing may, unfortunately, have to be dry-cleaned.