Guys Night Out Clothing

Having the right guys night out clothing will help attract the good attention.

Everyone knows guys like a night out as well as the girls. When guys hit the clubs they want to dress well and have a great time. There are several types of shirts for clubbing as well as other clothing that will get the guys noticed. It is important to wear something that looks great but is still comfortable. Be sure if the guys night out is at a specific club the club’s dress code is known. It would be rather embarrassing to be the guy that keeps the group out.

If the guys night out is at sport bar polo shirts are a great choice. Polo shirts are halfway between casual and dressy. They are not as casual as a t-shirt and not as dressy as a dress shirt. Paired with a nice pair of jeans they are a great choice at a night in a sports bar.

Guy Clubwear

Guy clubwear is typically a little dressier than what would be worn a sports bar. Shirts for clubbing are usually a dress shirt such as a silk shirt or button down. If the night out is at a country bar two stepping the night away then a pair of Wrangler’s or Levi’s is a stellar choice. Boots and a button down shirt such as Wrangler or MoBetta (Garth Brook’s line of Western clothing) are perfect. If the evening planned is in a little more upscale club for drinks and dancing a nice pair of dress jeans or slacks is a great selection.

Shoes for guy’s night out should be clean and tennis shoes should be avoided unless the evening is very casual. A pair of Dockers or Vans beat out tennis shoes. Dress shoes should be polished to a shine. Whatever clothes are chosen should be clean and well pressed. Nothing makes a worst first impression than a wrinkled shirt or stained clothes.