Four Men Shirt Styles Appropriate For Work Environments

There are 4 shirt styles for men that can be appropriately worn for most business and work environments. Fashion can be complicated but you can easily follow these simple four clothing styles.

Getting dressed for work is becoming a complicated endeavor. Fashion and work rules are blurring and it’s hard to know what’s appropriate anymore. Even choosing a shirt is a fashion minefield.

Dress to Impress for Any Work Occasion

Dressed Up Tee Shirts

It is certainly safe to say that no matter where you work, it’s good idea to leave the “I’m With Stupid” and other clever tee shirts at home. However, for those working in a more casual environment, a dressed up tee under a classic blazer or cardigan can be very appropriate. Just wear the Hanes undershirts as they were intended for, that is something that you wear underneath clothes. Unless you are a Calvin Klein model, it is never appropriate to wear an undershirt as outerwear, no matter how comfortable they are.

Polo Shirts

A classic Izod polo or something similar is perfect for most offices casual days. The polo is a staple of most men’s wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down easily. Worn with everything from dress pants, khaki’s, jeans or shorts, a collection of polos are as much of a workhorse as you are.

Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts can also span the bridge between work and casual. Oxford in stripes or solids also looks good with about any style of pants and can be worn with or without a tie. It’s probably best to keep more adventurous ties with solids, unless you have a particular flair for fashion.

White Button Down Dress Shirt

The one shirt every man needs that is always appropriate is the basic, white button down dress shirt. You should buy the best quality you can afford and definitely pay for laundry service at your local dry cleaners. It will never go out of style and goes well with everything from a suit to jeans, not to mention make you look like James Bond.

Creating a wardrobe of shirts for all occasions is important no matter what your position in work or life. Just remember to watch for fit, quality and personality and you will be ready for anything.