Different Ways For Men to Wear a Button Up Shirt

A simple button up shirt for men can still be in fashion. There are white long sleeved, short sleeved pastels and military inspired button up shirts.

Fashion for Men – The Button Up Shirt

The classic long or short-sleeved button-up shirt is commonly found as a staple in the stylish man’s wardrobe. It may be worn tucked into dress pants with the cuffs buttoned for a more formal look, or casually with the shirt tails left out and the sleeves rolled up. How it is worn, largely depends on the individual’s style and also what occasion they are dressing for. Here are some stylish ways to wear a polo buttoned up shirt.

Long Sleeved White Button Up Shirt

For example, if a man is on an informal date or going out with friends, he may choose the classic look of a long-sleeved white stylish button-up shirt with a casual pair of pants in navy, or even a high end pair of jeans. What’s nice about this look is that the sleeves may be rolled up and buttoned, or worn in the standard way, but the overall look remains fashionable and relaxed. A rolled up polo shirt will definitely look good for anyone who wants to try a new look.

Pastel Colored Short Sleeved Button Up Shirt

For a business casual lunch or an informal meeting, a man may opt for a pastel colored short-sleeved button-up shirt tucked into a pair of black or khaki slacks. A short-sleeved button-up shirt may even be paired with walking shorts for a stroll through the park, or lunch at an outdoor cafe. Most button-up shirts are easily worn with a cardigan or a sweater, which works well for casual occasions such as a brief business meeting or attending a daytime birthday party. The top button is rarely buttoned, but leaving more than two buttons opened is usually viewed as “too casual.”

Military Inspired Button Up Shirts

There are also military-inspired button-up shirts that generally compliment any frame, and some button-up shirts even have embroidery or expressive artwork. They will usually have wings of a plane or some regiment number posted on them as badges. Military shirts will look a bit more worn and give a sense of nostalgia. These are generally worn to non-formal occasions are not tucked in.

Costs of Button Up Shirts

The cost of a man’s button-up shirt naturally depends on several variables such as the material the shirt is made from, whether or not it has a designer label, and even which retail outlet it is purchased from. To buy a high-end designer button-up shirt made from a classic cotton or ramie blend, a customer may expect to spend anywhere from $60 to $150.00. A simple flannel button-up shirt however, may cost as low as $14.99. It depends on many different factors including how savvy a shopper one is. Online mens polo shirts merchants are usually cheaper than a retail setting unless you buy a men’s shirts at an outlet store.