Shirts That Stand Out

One of the shirts that stand out on a man is polo shirts. He can wear these shirts just about anywhere. They stand out because men hardly wear these shirts. They often think that they are too preppy to wear, when it is just the opposite. These types of shirts can make any man stand out in a good way. In addition, they can pair these shirts with anything in their closet.

Best Brands That Stand Out

Men should look for the best brands. Some include Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Le Tigre. These types of short sleeve shirts start at $40 and more. You should shop around for these shirts at the mall. The mall is the great place to find shirts that stand out. You will see that these brands mostly come in cotton. The type of cotton will vary though. For example, organic cotton has been a popular choice for the past few years. Pima cotton is another popular fabric. It is heavier, thicker, and lasts longer than other shirts on the market.

Stand Out Colors

Once you find these shirts, you have to decide which colors look best on you. The best polo shirt colors include light blue, light purple, light green and light yellow. Most pastel colors are the best choices for any man, no matter what skin color they have. Of course, men have their classic black, white, and navy blue shirts. These basic colors are what every man should have in their closet. Pink polos have also been a popular choice for some time. Men typically look good with a pink polo. Do not be afraid to try one on. Opt for a light pink polo instead of a bright one.

Now, it is important for you to know how to wear a polo shirt. You can dress it up with khakis or trousers, or you can dress it down with a pair of jeans. Polo style shirts pair perfectly with blazers, v-neck sweaters, or button down shirts. Some men even wear polo shirts with hooded zip down sweatshirts.

Men’s Polo Shirt Patterns

Considering that the style of polo shirts is so versatile that the one who wears it can do so with semi-casual attire or semi-formal attire, it is usually the men’s polo shirt patterns on the shirts that makes them stand out from other types of clothing. For the most part, it is rare that a pattern is actually printed or silk-screened onto a polo shirt. It is usually woven into the shirt, which makes the pattern much more distinct and pronounced.

This being the case, the reason that men’s polo shirt patterns garner more attention than other clothing is quite simply because it is resilient. The fact that a pattern is actually woven into the clothing instead of printed on it means that it will last the test of time. Printed fabrics will fade quite quickly after a few washes, but a polo shirt with embroidery stitching will not fade as quickly at all and will actually have a pattern that will appear distinctive for awhile.

Men’s polo shirt patterns can go well with a variety of different clothes and polo shirt accessories.

  • The most obvious choice is a pair of khaki short or pants as any polo shirt of any color and pattern will go with that particular piece of clothing.
  • A pair of sandals or even a nice pair of loafers also can go with that combination as men’s polo shirts can switch from casual to formal without a second glance.
  • Even some types of casual shoes can go with a khaki short and polo shirt combination.
  • Black slacks can also go with most polo shirt patterns, but slacks of other colors should be selective when deciding on a particular shirt pattern.
  • While a nice watch looks great with men’s polo shirt patterns, digital watches are commonly frowned upon.
  • Clothing that is overly casual, such as sweat pants or athletic shorts, is definitely not a good idea when pairing clothing with polo shirt patterns.

Flannel Shirts – Is the Grunge Scene is Making a Comeback?

The answer is sadly no. The grunge scene is not making a comeback, however flannel shirts are! Typically for the grunge scene clothing, flannel shirts were worn tied around the waist. Once they have been worn out, they do not really provide any warmth at all. The new fashion is wearing flannel shirts worn as an actual shirt and not an accessory as the people who were into the grunge scene wore them.

When Can I Wear a Flannel Shirt?

Flannel shirts are warm and no matter what climate or area you find yourself in, they make something snug that you can slip into when you need to warm up just a bit. They are also awesome when you are having to wear several layers in the winter and need something that will be soft against the skin and help hold the body’s natural warmth. Many people looking to buy flannel shirts seek the comfort of a warm blanket while maintaining a rugged look. Do not get a cheap flannel shirt at the best price and expect the product to withstand time. You can get discounted used flannel shirts at secondhand stores online or local merchants. Expect to find many affordable and bargain flannel shirts.

Flannel Shirt Materials and Fabrics

Flannel shirts are available in a variety of different colors, so no matter who you are, or what you are into, you can find a flannel shirt that is comfortable as well as fashionable for you. Since flannel is such a warm and thick material, it is versatile for any cool season. However because of the way the material is made, it doesn’t suffocate your skin like many heavy winter fabrics, though it still gives you the warmth an comfort. Also, many times people find fabrics like wool very scratchy or itchy. Flannel doesn’t give you this uncomfortable feeling. It’s more like wrapping up in a warm blanket.

Aging or Making Your Flannel Shirt Look Old

New flannel shirts can be uncomfortable because of its stiffness. These shirts are meant to be a bit thicker than normal shirts but the thickest of the fabric is a hindrance if you like it loose. Aging the shirt artificially is sometimes desirable. Here are some instructions on how to make your shirt look old, worn or thinner.

  1. Start by soaking the shirt in some hot water.
  2. Squeeze the shirt out as dry as possible. Make sure to wring out every drop.
  3. Soak the shirt in some acidic solution of lemon juice, apple vinegar or bleach. (For the extreme worn look, you can use some fine grit sandpaper before soaking.)
  4. Wash the shirt using the hot water setting in your washing machine.
  5. Finally dry the flannel shirt in your dryer. The more lint that is trapped, the older it will appear. Repeat until you get the desired results.
  6. Try this with your least favorite shirt first to see how it reacts to the material.

It’s great that flannel is coming back in style, there is going to be plenty of people who will be happy to pull their old favorite flannel shirts out of the closet and sport them once again in style and comfort. However, even though the grunge look isn’t coming back in style, don’t be surprised if you see the 90’s grunge fan tying their old flannels around their waist once more to try to bring the old grunge fashion back.

Pink Polos for Men

Pink polos for men have become quite a growing trend. In recent years past, a growing number of men from all age groups have been picking up on this new fashion statement. The true meaning behind a man wearing a pink polo is not feminine, but adventurous. Since the dawn of man, pink has been a general symbol relating to the female gender. For men, it was the color blue. But do men nowadays just simply wear blue polo shirts? Gender roles much like colors that are made for one gender are no longer male or female specific. The ability to wear different colors that others are not accustomed to, will make you the bold one in a group.

The greatest feat of owning or wearing a pink polo is the variety of apparel that suits well with it. Usually, pink polos are generally a lighter shade of pink. Usually with lighter shades (especially of pink), men can wear their favorite shirts, and not feel as if they stick out. There are many other polo shirt color combinations that you can mix together.

Pink Polo Shirts

Imagining what suits well with a pink polo shirt might seem intimidating. But as soon as the polo is on, it’s easy to see that the sky is nearly the limit, with what can be matched. Whether it is pants, shorts or blue jeans, sandals, shoes or slippers, pink polos can simply go with anything you own. Never worry about the evening attire again! Just slip on your pink polo, and let the night begin. If a game of golf with an old friend is more ideal, don’t be afraid to wear your pink polo. It will keep you cool all day long, and it might just get you that hole in one!

Most Common Polo Shirt Colors for Men

Men’s polo shirts come in nearly every color. The color that tops the list is surprisingly, pink, or salmon. Pink polo shirts for men make a bold statement. This color is followed by the ever popular black and then navy and finally white. Other popular choices for men include french blue, red and beige.

Common Polo Shirt Designs

Polo shirts also come in a wide range of color combinations that can be dark or exceedingly bright for the human eye. Designs on a polo shirt are best left simple with a concentration on the colors. If you look at the fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, their bestselling polo shirts are those with a small logo design of a simple man playing polo on a horse or an alligator.

For a less business casual look, striped polos, patterned and monogrammed polo shirts are a classic choice for men who frequent country clubs to men living in the inner city neighborhoods.

Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers offer a lot of choices in men’s polo shirts. These companies believe in men wearing color as shown by their collections of classic clothing in bright colors.

Best Mens Polo Shirt Color Combinations

Polo shirts are one of the many items that you can’t have quite enough of. While these shirts come in a variety of colors and designs, some colors tend to go together better than others. One of the most common color schemes is the pairing of darker polo shirts with khaki or stone pants. Navy blue, black, and deep greens seem to work best with these lighter colors.

Bright colors and/or stripes with a white background are also quite appropriate with the lighter colored pant. However, pastels and lighter colors of mens polo shirts will typically work best darker garments. It is often common for men to wear these colors with lighter pants, but add a dark colored blazer or jacket.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Colors

Polo shirt brands like Lacoste have a wide variety of colors that can match any man’s color choice of clothing. They have the best polo shirt color combinations of most other polo shirt brands.

Every brand of polo shirts has their own names for colors. Certain polo shirt brands like to tone down their brightness level.

So What Color is Best For Polo Shirts?

This question can be best answered depending on your mood and for what events you are wearing the shirt. If you are feeling a bit down, bright vibrant colors work best to hide your true emotions. Pink polo shirts are great for when you want to stand out from a crowd. Dark colored shirts like navy blue, black and dark greens go well with most anything especially the lighter khaki or stone pants.