Men’s Clothing for Sporting Events

If a man is headed to a sporting event it is usually a fairly casual event. Clothing tips can be tailored to what event is being attended or even wear the seating is. The more you pay for the ticket such as a professional event, usually requires a bit more attention to clothing. Sitting in a suite or club house seating is definitely more cause to dress up a little.

Dressing For Casual Sporting Events

If the event is very casual such as a high school or college sports event than jeans and a t-shirt are probably appropriate. Athletic pants and tennis shoes are often popular choices for events such as these. If the event is an important event such as homecoming, then something a bit more dresser is a better choice, such as striped polo shirts. Men’s polo shirts come in many colors and styles so there are plenty of choices available.

Clothes For Professional Sporting Events

A professional sporting event is a bit dressier. Of course there are men who want to wear their team’s jersey or shirts to support their team and show their loyalty which is fine. But they should be paired with a nice pair of jeans. If the game is being watched in a club house or suite atmosphere usually a dress shirt with nice jeans or nice pants is appropriate. If the suite or club house is an employer provided suite then it is protocol to wear a suit coat and pants. The employee is enjoying the sporting event but also doing important networking.

No matter what choice is made to wear to a sporting event, the clothing should be free of stains or holes. Favorite team jerseys should still be in good repair. If polo shirts or dress shorts are the choice, they need to be wrinkle free. Suit jackets should be well pressed as well.

Simple Date Shirts for Men

Women are not the only ones excited about their dates, men can get excited too. Men also experience butterflies in their stomachs and uneasiness most especially if it is a first date. Men would make sure that they have everything prepared, the place to meet or the pick-up time and more importantly the things that they would go to and do during the date.

Men would also think of interesting topics to make sure that women would enjoy the time spent with them and sometimes they would practice witty remarks to impress their dates. When all of these things are set, the next thing to be concerned about is the outfit to wear during the date.

Best Informal Date Shirts

Normally, if it is an informal type of date, simple date shirts for men would consist of polo shirts and jeans or khaki pants. Choosing the best shirt can be quite a challenge; would these men opt to wear solid color polo shirts? If so, what polo shirt colors are acceptable or not; before deciding what to kind of polo shirts to wear consider some of these clothing tips for men:

It is important to know the body type in order to choose the right kind of shirts to wear. If the body type is big and bulky, it is not advisable to wear body-fitted shirts. It would definitely not look good and would somehow restrict the movement.

Choose the right color, yes, real men can wear pink but it is always safe to stick with the neutral colors such beige, black, white or gray. Solid color shirts are the safest thing to wear; stripped shirts may not look good on men who are on the plus size because it would create an illusion that they would look wider.

Consider the fabric of the shirts, if your date will be mostly outdoors find shirts with cool fabric materials. It would not look good if you are perspiring a lot during the date.

Men should also keep themselves updated with fashion in order to dress up properly during simple dates. Clothing tips are important in order not to go overdressed or under-dressed for the occasion and the venue.

Shirts That Stand Out

One of the shirts that stand out on a man is polo shirts. He can wear these shirts just about anywhere. They stand out because men hardly wear these shirts. They often think that they are too preppy to wear, when it is just the opposite. These types of shirts can make any man stand out in a good way. In addition, they can pair these shirts with anything in their closet.

Best Brands That Stand Out

Men should look for the best brands. Some include Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and Le Tigre. These types of short sleeve shirts start at $40 and more. You should shop around for these shirts at the mall. The mall is the great place to find shirts that stand out. You will see that these brands mostly come in cotton. The type of cotton will vary though. For example, organic cotton has been a popular choice for the past few years. Pima cotton is another popular fabric. It is heavier, thicker, and lasts longer than other shirts on the market.

Stand Out Colors

Once you find these shirts, you have to decide which colors look best on you. The best polo shirt colors include light blue, light purple, light green and light yellow. Most pastel colors are the best choices for any man, no matter what skin color they have. Of course, men have their classic black, white, and navy blue shirts. These basic colors are what every man should have in their closet. Pink polos have also been a popular choice for some time. Men typically look good with a pink polo. Do not be afraid to try one on. Opt for a light pink polo instead of a bright one.

Now, it is important for you to know how to wear a polo shirt. You can dress it up with khakis or trousers, or you can dress it down with a pair of jeans. Polo style shirts pair perfectly with blazers, v-neck sweaters, or button down shirts. Some men even wear polo shirts with hooded zip down sweatshirts.

How To Keep Up With Mens Fashion

We see many different media coverage on women’s fashion, style, and trends. Publicity and discussion of women’s fashion is all over the news, across magazines, and is the center stage of every fashion show across the world; but what about men? In this article we discuss some clothing tips for men and learning how to keep up with men’s fashion trends.

Importance of Men’s Fashion Trends

Men’s fashion is just important, if not equally important, to the fashion world in the US and across the world. It is important for a man to have a unique and classy sense of fashion for the workplace, out and about, at home, or while enjoying a day off. What you wear represents yourself and what you stand for, so one must have a savvy fashion sense to keep up with the trends.

One way to keep up with men’s fashion is by researching and wearing the current popular brands. The current popular brands are popular and well loved because they best represent fashion. It would behoove you to look into these styles and see which ones best represent and suit you. Walk over to the men’s polo shirts section. Are these shirts you would see yourself wearing on a day at the office? Or is it another trend that doesn’t suit you?

The next clothing tip is to stay within budget. You can look great without spending too much money and breaking the bank. Continue to shop for bargains and deals regardless if it is in store or online. Look for when sale dates start and end so you can know when to hit the racks for the best styles and sales.

Remember to stay confident in what you choose to wear at work, school, or play. Find your unique sense of fashion and wear it proudly. If unsure, ask someone with a strong fashion sense and if they agree, wear it proudly. People forget that a fashion trend was started by one person who decided it was worthy. So, if you are inclined to feel a style is becoming and right for you, then try it out. Experiment. Take risks. Look good!

Clothing Tips For Bulky, Tall and Slender Men

Men’s Clothing Tips For Bulky Men

  • One mistake that huskier men commonly make, is wearing over-sized t-shirts and polo shirts. You want your clothing to fit. While tight work polo shirts make trouble spots more obvious, slimming black fitted polos, can make a big difference on a man of a larger stature.
  • Another easy trick is to avoid horizontal stripes, which give the illusion of being wider. Vertical stripes will make you appear to be taller, and more slender, and for that same reason, men of a more slender stature should keep away.
  • Cotton is an affordable, breathable fabric that comes in many stylish colors and designs, but remember to choose your print carefully, because anything too extravagant will draw attention to the mid section.
  • Try Old Navy, with cotton polos starting at $12.00. It really is a cost-efficient way to add a little something extra to your wardrobe.
  • You might also try wearing a belt. It will nip in your waistline and make it appear slimmer. Just be sure not to make it so tight that you have a “muffin-top”.

Clothing Tips For Tall & Slender Men

  • Avoid baggy shirts, or shorts. Oversized shirts will draw attention to the slight stature covered with billowing fabric. Stick to fitted shirts and learn how to layer clothing to give yourself a little added mass.
  • Wear light colors, pastels, grays, and whites. This will give you the illusion of being slightly larger.
  • Shopping outlets have a variety of great printed T-shirts that you can mix and match, and layer to suit your own style along with ongoing sales. If you get in on a Friday, you might go home with three outfits for under $20.00, but you have to of course know how to smart shop.
  • You might try wool or cotton sweater-vests to add a little thickness around your upper body.

Just remember guys, create a style that is comfortable for you, and with these simple & easy tips, you’ll be on your way!

Finding A Shirt That Fits You

Not Just Any Shirt

Finding a shirt that fits you, not only in size, but in personality too is what really matters. For a man, clothing shopping is never easy, whether or not you are having a problem with finding a shirt that has the right cut or just with simply choosing a style, design or color that suits you. Shopping can be a fun and entertaining experience for both genders. There are things to consider before going shopping that can help you to enjoy your experience, truncate the amount of time you spend in the stores and still choose a fashion and style that is impeccable.

A Fashionable Look

First things first, you want to know that there are many cuts and styles on the market. Unfortunately they are not made for every man and they don’t necessarily compliment every man’s body. One type of shirt that does suit many men and is very fashionable is Polo shirts for men. They come in many different cuts, colors, designs and patterns. A polo shirt can range from short sleeves to long sleeves. You can have your choice between a 3-button-down-V-neck polo shirt, a completely buttoned down polo shirt that has a collar or if you like a sleeker look you may want to go with the various fitted polos on the market. Polo shirts for men can be made out of several different fabrics giving them the flexibility to be the appropriate choice and a suitable look for every man and event. The great thing about polo shirts are that they have something for everyone and brands that offers all styles.

A Polo For Everything

If you want to further your look to attain an image that is more appealing you may want to consider accessorizing your polo shirt with a nice pair of slacks. If you own and purchase polo shirts that are light in color then they will go perfect with a pair of dark shade of slacks. Compliment your polo with a nice chain and watch; this will give your shirt a nice pop. Whether you choose to go with fitted polos or a polo with a different cut, you will find it easy and fun to accessorize and coordinate your wardrobe and style with any polo shirt you choose to wear.