Clothing Tips For Bulky, Tall and Slender Men

Whether you are slender, big, tall or bulky, there are good clothing tips for men that can work for anyone of any size.

Men’s Clothing Tips For Bulky Men

  • One mistake that huskier men commonly make, is wearing over-sized t-shirts and polo shirts. You want your clothing to fit. While tight work polo shirts make trouble spots more obvious, slimming black fitted polos, can make a big difference on a man of a larger stature.
  • Another easy trick is to avoid horizontal stripes, which give the illusion of being wider. Vertical stripes will make you appear to be taller, and more slender, and for that same reason, men of a more slender stature should keep away.
  • Cotton is an affordable, breathable fabric that comes in many stylish colors and designs, but remember to choose your print carefully, because anything too extravagant will draw attention to the mid section.
  • Try Old Navy, with cotton polos starting at $12.00. It really is a cost-efficient way to add a little something extra to your wardrobe.
  • You might also try wearing a belt. It will nip in your waistline and make it appear slimmer. Just be sure not to make it so tight that you have a “muffin-top”.

Clothing Tips For Tall & Slender Men

  • Avoid baggy shirts, or shorts. Oversized shirts will draw attention to the slight stature covered with billowing fabric. Stick to fitted shirts and learn how to layer clothing to give yourself a little added mass.
  • Wear light colors, pastels, grays, and whites. This will give you the illusion of being slightly larger.
  • Shopping outlets have a variety of great printed T-shirts that you can mix and match, and layer to suit your own style along with ongoing sales. If you get in on a Friday, you might go home with three outfits for under $20.00, but you have to of course know how to smart shop.
  • You might try wool or cotton sweater-vests to add a little thickness around your upper body.

Just remember guys, create a style that is comfortable for you, and with these simple & easy tips, you’ll be on your way!