Big and Tall Polo Shirts

Even as a big guy, you need to buy the right big and tall polo shirts. Learn how to measure properly for big and tall polo shirts.

Big and tall polo shirts can be a bit hard to find, but are a great addition to any wardrobe. If you are a larger man, these shirts can look great! They are perfect paired with either nice blue jeans or a pair of khaki pants. They can be dressed down with jeans for a movie or even dressed up with khaki’s for a nice dinner. They honestly can be appropriate for many occasions as long as you pair them with the right type of pants. They look very nice with a silver or gold watch on your arm. Wearing a white undershirt, can always make them look a bit nicer for a night out on the town. Depending on where you purchase them, you can find a great deal! You can find them for as low as $14.99 each with normal everyday pricing. Most of them are made with polyester knit.

Measuring a Big and Tall Polo Shirt

Measure the right big and tall polo shirt is simple. All you have to do to measure your chest is to start from your neck and stop at your waist or desired stopping point. To measure the chest at the fullest part, place the tap under the arms and go all around your body. You now have your chest size and length.