Best Mens Polo Shirt Color Combinations

Do you have trouble figuring out the best polo shirt color combinations for men? Fortunately, polo shirt colors are so versatile that you can wear them with most anything.

Polo shirts are one of the many items that you can’t have quite enough of. While these shirts come in a variety of colors and designs, some colors tend to go together better than others. One of the most common color schemes is the pairing of darker polo shirts with khaki or stone pants. Navy blue, black, and deep greens seem to work best with these lighter colors.

Bright colors and/or stripes with a white background are also quite appropriate with the lighter colored pant. However, pastels and lighter colors of mens polo shirts will typically work best darker garments. It is often common for men to wear these colors with lighter pants, but add a dark colored blazer or jacket.

Lacoste Polo Shirts Colors

Polo shirt brands like Lacoste have a wide variety of colors that can match any man’s color choice of clothing. They have the best polo shirt color combinations of most other polo shirt brands.

Every brand of polo shirts has their own names for colors. Certain polo shirt brands like to tone down their brightness level.

So What Color is Best For Polo Shirts?

This question can be best answered depending on your mood and for what events you are wearing the shirt. If you are feeling a bit down, bright vibrant colors work best to hide your true emotions. Pink polo shirts are great for when you want to stand out from a crowd. Dark colored shirts like navy blue, black and dark greens go well with most anything especially the lighter khaki or stone pants.