Best Brands of Men’s Polo Shirts

Choosing the best brand of men’s polo shirts is mainly a matter of fit and opinion. Lacoste, Northcrest, Ralph Lauren, and Nike make some decent polo shirts.

Polo shirts are perfect for bridging the gap between dressed up and dressed down. They are not as formal as a shirt and tie, yet are acceptable in more places than a t-shirt. A nice brand of polos can make a big difference in how you look. Choosing the best brand of men’s polo shirts is mainly a matter of fit and opinion.

Consider the following best brands for polos choices, each for different reasons.

Top Polo Shirts Brands

Here are some of men’s top shirt brands and what styles they are well known for.

    • Lacoste polo shirts have extremely vibrant color without any color fading. They are best known for their alligator logo. If you want to stand out from a crowd with a bright shirt, Lacoste is the brand you want to wear.
    • Northcrest polo shirts are comfortable with a nice thick material good for both cold and warm weather conditions since the fabric breathes nicely. Northcrest polos are also more durable than most brands and retain their color throughout many washes. Most polo shirts would get holes in them after multiple uses but Northcrest can take a beating. Make sure to use the proper water temperature when you wash these polos as they have a tendency to shrink in size for the initial rinse.
    • Ralph Lauren are classic and have changed with the times offering a variety of fits and fabrics. Ralph Lauren mens polo shirts are the brand that most people recognize when you mention polo shirts. For semiformal affairs, these shirts are the most suitable.
    • Van Heusen is not only known for their dress shirts but they also have some classic mens polo shirts. The costs compared to Ralph Lauren is much more affordable.

This is a Van Heusen polo with a cotton/polyester blend that gives the ultimate comfort. There are two buttons, knitted collar and a split straight hemline.

  • For the sporty look and light polo feel, Nike and Adidas offer polo shirts with UV protection and moisture wicking capabilities. In the summer or whenever the weather gets warmer, you can play sports or have a run in a park with the Nike polos and not have to worry about armpit sweat stains. A nice perk for polo shirts.

Read up on the common polo shirt brands for men if these brands do not entice you. Choosing between these polo shirt brands is a matter of your own style, fashion preference and mood. A good way to unwind is to wear a loose polo shirt and lounge around.